Welcome to Lobber’s Refugie, my little retreat.

It’s a place where you can take a deep breath and relax from your busy daily schedule. A place to enjoy the little lovely things that make life wonderful. A cosy place, that I joyfully share.
Who is Lobber?
My real name is Maren Lotte Otte, but I have been called Lobber ever since my brother gave me that nickname, back when I was a baby. I’m married to a farmer called Jens, he runs a dairy farm. I’m an active outdoor person and I especially like hiking. I’m educated in needlework and have a great passion for chocolate. My mind is creative, weird and filled with funny ideas.
An important thing in a busy world is to stop and breathe for a while. Take the time to enjoy life, to smile, laugh and be happy. You can do that here 🙂