Lobber have walked mile after mile.
She has been hiking with full equipment. Tent, pots and pans, food supplies and what ever you need to get by in the middle of nowhere.
Just as often she hikes light, where she stays at hostels, pubs and B&Bs.


Here in Denmark she have done Kyst til kyst stien (coast to coast), Gendarmstien (next to German border) and Camønoen (round the isle Møn). She took a group of scouts hiking in Scotland, she hiked on Camino del Norte and Camino Primitivo in Spain, have crossed England along Hadrian’s Wall and she walked from Munich to Venice, a hiked where she crossed the Alps. 

Some of the hikes have been with scouts or her kids, but most of them on her own. When she walked in Spain, she was offline, not even bringing her phone. It was an experience, that ended up with a phone being muted ever since. When she hiked over the Alps, she made daily updates for family, friends and other interested people. After being in a “black hole” for short time, people back home started to worry sick and lots of messages popped in on the phone, when she was back with reception. Such a big difference from Spain, where people knew she were without a phone for 4 weeks.